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Jocks Studios – Milan Fuck

Well here we go once more. There’s yet another new jocks studios gallery that’s waiting for you to check out today and it features Milan, a truly horny man slut stud that just adores cock as he gets to do what he does best, which is moan in pleasure while he has a big cock shoved nice and deep inside that tight ass. He had a fuck buddy over to help him out with the whole thing and you can tell that the guy was all prepared to get to use his big and thick cock to get to give this horny guy a pretty thorough anal plowing for the jocksstudios show today. Well let’s get the show on the road and see them in some proper action already shall we?


First thing you will notice, apart from the guys being quite horny and getting naked fast is that they got to fuck in the kitchen. That’s because Milan here initially wanted to prep some tea and the likes for the two of them, but they knew what they were there do do so they didn’t even get to go to the bedroom. Milan just begged the guy to take him then and there and you just need to see him using his lips and hands to get that cock extra hard and ready for his ass. Once that’s done, he bends over and takes his time to let the guy fuck his sexy ass and at the end he creams him too. We hope you had fun and we’ll be back soon!

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